Monster Go Dj Controller Özel Çantası (ürün dahil değildir)

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Monster Go Dj Controller Model: GODJ MIXER PTBL için özel üretilmiş orjinal Monster Go Dj Çanta

Limited edition

Lütfen dikkat! İlan sadece çanta içindir , ürün dahil değildir


Protect your GB DJ for your travel

The platinum GO DJ, due to its small size is very practical when it comes to take it everywhere with you. But many items, especially the dials, screens, and the crossfader are fragile.
Thus, this hard case will protect your GB DJ efficiently during all your travels.

Specially designed for GO DJ, it will be on the deck as well as its USB charging cable. An additional pocket with zip and detachable, is also present in the interior in order to carry an additional SD card.


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